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The County Comptroller serves as the accountant, auditor, and custodian of county funds, thereby ensuring the proper flow of tax dollars. The Comptroller audits county expenditures and ensures that funds exist and that purchases are authorized by law before every bill is paid. This level of oversight offers a true check and balance for local government.

By working closely with a host of state agencies, the Offices of the Clerk and Comptroller help keep Florida's government activities in the sunshine, ensuring that county and state programs are carried out correctly, efficiently, and in the public view.


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Bail is some form of capital which is deposited or pledged to a court in order to convince it to release an accused from a jail facility, on the understanding that the accused will return for trial or forfeit the bail ("skipping bail" is also illegal). Depending upon the court involved and the crime(s) of which one is accused. Bail is not always available it can be legally denied for an offense / charge which the governing legislature has determined to be non-bialable.


  Visitation Guidelines   (2292 reads)  admin
When visiting someone in a correctional or holding facility, the visitors are expected to follow specific rules and guidelines. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, be prepared to meet the following guidelines:

  Court Etiquette   (2497 reads)  admin
  • Weapons of any sort are prohibited
    Drugs are prohibited
    Electronic devices are not to be used in the courtrooms (unless approved by the court)
  • Do not chew gum while testifying

  •

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    The defendant is charged with a crime by the arresting agency.

    The District Attorney reviews the case and makes a decision whether or not to file charges.

    If the District Attorney does not file charges, the case is dismissed.

    If however, the District Attorney does file charges, there will be an arraignment where the defendant would plead either innocent or guilty.

    If the defendant pleads guilty he/she would be sentenced and the case would be closed, if defendant pleads innocent then a court date would be set.

    The court would then hear the case, reach a verdict, and the case would be closed.


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    Section 1 
    Relations with the Client

    Article 1. In justice to those who place their faith, confidence, interest in the Bail Agent should endeavor constantly to be informed of current laws, proposed legislation, Governmental orders or regulations, and other significant information and public policies which may affect the interests of the client.


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    Once someone is arrested on a criminal charge, they may be held for trial unless they furnish the required bail, often in the form of a bail bond. When a bail bond is issued, the person released promises to appear in court at the designated time and place.
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      New Bill for Florida Bail Agents & Agencies   (2920 reads)  admin
    An act relating to bail bond agencies and agents; creating s. 648.24, F.S.; declaring public policy; amending s. 648.25, F.S.; defining terms; amending s. 648.27, F.S.;prescribing licensure requirements for managing general agents; creating s. 648.285, F.S.; providing for temporary permits; amending s.648.29, F.S.; prescribing requirements for build-up accounts; amending ss. 648.30, 648.31, F.S.; eliminating references to runners;
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      Battle over bail bonds in Florida House   (2538 reads)  admin

    A so-called ``bailout'' for the bail bond industry is dissolving into political gamesmanship as the legislation advances to the House floor.

    The sponsor, a future House speaker, stripped controversial language last month to disarm a skeptical panel -- but restored a similar provision Monday with the consent of friendlier lawmakers.

    And now a prominent bail bond business is being criticized for hosting a fundraiser for state Rep. Sandy Adams just three days after she helped pushed the bill through her committee.

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    Broward County Bail Bonds, Fastest Most Reliable Bondsman in South Florida
    Broward County Bail Bonds, Fastest Most Reliable Bondsman in South Florida
    Broward County Bail Bonds, Fastest Most Reliable Bondsman in South Florida
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